As the growing digital population is all set to rock India’s economy and business landscape, it has become vital for businesses to go online as well. The hydrologic cycle commonly is portrayed by a very simplified diagram that shows only major transfers of water between continents and oceans, as in Figure 1. However, for understanding hydrologic processes and managing water resources, the hydrologic cycle needs to be viewed at a wide range of scales and as having a great deal of variability in time and space.

One must deliver into the picture additional photo voltaic cycle proxies, primarily cosmogenic radioisotopes, however difficulties in establishing absolute amplitudes of production rates introduce extra uncertainties into what’s already a fancy endeavour (for more on these matters, see Beer, 2000 ; Usoskin and Mursula, 2003 ). Likewise, the search for chaotic modulation within the sunspot number time sequence has produced a massive literature (see, e.g., Feynman and Gabriel, 1990 ; Mundt et al., 1991 ; Carbonell et al., 1994 ; Rozelot, 1995 , and references therein), but with out really yielding firm, statistically convincing conclusions, once more due to the inadequate lengths of the datasets.

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(52) The effective exercise of the freedoms of the internal market makes it necessary to guarantee victims effective access to means of settling disputes; damage which may arise in connection with information society services is characterised both by its rapidity and by its geographical extent; in view of this specific character and the need to ensure that national authorities do not endanger the mutual confidence which they should have in one another, this Directive requests Member States to ensure that appropriate court actions are available; Member States should examine the need to provide access to judicial procedures by appropriate electronic means.7 Figure Cycle Software

The aim in this section is to examine in some detail the types of fluctuations that can be produced in the various dynamo models discussed in the preceding section 9 After going briefly over the potential consequences of fossil fields (Section 5.2), dynamical nonlinearities are first considered (Section 5.3), followed by time-delay effects (Section 5.4). We then turn to stochastic forcing (Section 5.5), which leads naturally to the issue of intermittency (Section 5.6).

(1) The European Union is seeking to forge ever closer links between the States and peoples of Europe, to ensure economic and social progress; in accordance with Article 14(2) of the Treaty, the internal market comprises an area without internal frontiers in which the free movements of goods, services and the freedom of establishment are ensured; the development of information society services within the area without internal frontiers is vital to eliminating the barriers which divide the European peoples.

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2. The acts of transmission and of provision of access referred to in paragraph 1 include the automatic, intermediate and transient storage of the information transmitted in so far as this takes place for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission in the communication network, and provided that the information is not stored for any period longer than is reasonably necessary for the transmission.

The silencing efficiency was tested 5 days post transduction by western blotting (WB) and immunocytochemistry (ICC) ( Figure 1—figure supplement 2 ). Ultrastructural analysis revealed that Arf6-KD synapses were undistinguishable from control synapses in terms of synaptic area and active zone (AZ) length ( Supplementary file 1 ), but were characterized by a decreased total number of SVs and a significantly increased number of SVs docked at the AZ ( Figure 1A ). Moreover, intraterminal cisternae, resembling endosome-like structures and occasionally found in control synapses, were dramatically increased in Arf6-silenced synapses ( Figure 1A ). The observed phenotype was completely rescued by the expression of a rat Arf6 variant resistant to shRNA#1 silencing (Arf6-res, Figure 1—figure supplement 3 ).

This delay originates with the time required for circulation to advect the surface poloidal field down to the core-envelope interface, where the toroidal component is produced (A→C in Figure 16 ). In contrast, the production of poloidal field from the deep-seated toroidal field (C→D), is a fast” process, growth rates and buoyant rise times for sunspot-forming toroidal flux ropes being of the order of a few months (see Moreno-Insertis, 1986 ; Fan et al., 1993 ; Caligari et al., 1995 , and references therein).

(22) Information society services should be supervised at the source of the activity, in order to ensure an effective protection of public interest objectives; to that end, it is necessary to ensure that the competent authority provides such protection not only for the citizens of its own country but for all Community citizens; in order to improve mutual trust between Member States, it is essential to state clearly this responsibility on the part of the Member State where the services originate; moreover, in order to effectively guarantee freedom to provide services and legal certainty for suppliers and recipients of services, such information society services should in principle be subject to the law of the Member State in which the service provider is established.

Determine 8A ), apart from an increase in the cycle frequency, because of the Doppler shift experienced by the equatorwardly propagating dynamo wave (see Roberts and Stix, 1972 ). At Rm = 100 (part B), the cycle frequency has additional increased and the poloidal part produced within the high-latitude region of the tachocline is now advected to the equatorial regions on a timescale changing into akin to the cycle interval, in order that a cyclic activity, albeit with a longer period, turns into apparent at low latitudes.

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